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  B-4/2, Suman CHS, Suman Nagar,
S.T.Road, Chembur,
Mumbai 400 071, INDIA.
Some of our customers and projects executed
Pizo over the years either directly or in collaboration with principal contractors, associate companies have successfully provided integrated services. List of partial projects and customers & contractors are given below:

   Customers & Contractors



Larsen & Toubro Ltd

Alumina Refinery

Hindustan Zinc Ltd

Magadh Precision Ltd

Atomic  Energy Commission


Mahindra Ugine Steel Company Ltd.

Bharat Glass Tubes Ltd

Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Ltd

Navkar Fittings

Bhilai Steel Plant

Ispat Ltd

Siddesh Steel Treatment Pvt. Ltd

Bokaro Steel Plant

Jindal Saws Ltd

Sumangal Glass Industries


Kerala Minerals and Metal Ltd

Tata Consulting Engineers

Graduate Agro Kirti Enterprises Technocraft Industries

   Projects Serviced
Continuous Curing Oven for Rubber Gaskets;
Design and Detailed Engineering for Bloom Heating Bogie Hearth Furnace
Design and Detailed Engineering for Continuous Surface Treatment of Galvanizing Plant for CRC Sheets
Design and Detailed Engineering for Material Handling in Coke Oven Batteries
Design and detailed engineering for Roller Hearth Continuous Furnace for Normalizing Heat Treatment of Alloy Steel Bars
Design and Detailed Engineering for Roller Hearth Continuous Furnace for Normalizing Heat Treatment of Alloy Steel Tubes
Design and Detailed Engineering for SAT (Decompression) Chamber for Divers ;
Design and Detailed Engineering of Sulphur Dioxide Preheating System
Design, Detailed Engineering and Project Implementation for Fuel Fired Heat Treatment Plant for Steel Bars
Design, Detailed Engineering for Fuel Fired Solution Annealing Furnace for Forged Pipe Fittings
Energy Optimization in Tube Mill
Feasibility studies and Energy Optimization and Implementation in Glass Melting Furnace
Project Appraisal and Techno-commercial report for Titanium Tetrachloride and Oxygen Pre-heater for Titanium Dioxide Plant
Project Management for Re-engineering and Revamping Sulphuric Acid Plant The plant which has the world’s largest capacity of 7000 TPD was successfully completed in 9 months
Proposal Engineering for Electric Operated Transfer Car Coil Shuttle Car and Place Equipment for CRM Shop
Proposal Engineering for Hot Metal Handling
Re-engineering and Re-vamping of combustion system for Continuous Galvanizing Plant
Re-engineering and Revamping of high tensile fastener manufacturing plant
Re-engineering of Pipe Galvanizing Furnace
Setting up of Producer Gas Plant to replace existing Combustion System in Glass Melting Furnace
Thermal Processing Systems for Zirconium Sponge Plant
Pilot Plant for Active Charcoal
Amine desulphurization plant- ( overseas )
Waste heat recovery plant for drying of green ceramic catalytic carriers
Activated bauxite plant
Flare package completion support in Design, Engineering, Material Procurement, Inspection, fabrication, Commissioning for Overseas Petroleum company
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